1017048_10151492409626724_1073564200_nNotable Credits

*Tease-O-Rama San Francisco 2008 and 2012
*Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion Weekender, 2009 and 2010
*Vancouver Burlesque Festival 2012
*Troupe member and co-producer, Sinner Saint Burlesque, 2009-2014
*Cast member, House of Thee UnHoly, 2008-Present
*Cast member, Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker, 2008-20013
*Cast member: Through The Looking Glass, the Burlesque Alice in Wonderland, 2009-2013
*Moisture Festival (Seattle) 2012 and 2013
*Nude Nite (Orlando ’09/’11/’14/Tampa ’10/’12/’14)
*Sinner Saint Burlesque at The Brickhouse (London) 2011 and 2012
*The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival
*The Rosehip Revue (Portland)
*The Royal Tease (Portland)
*Wasabassco (NYC)
*Nurse Bettie (NYC)
*Spin The Bottle and 60 Seconds Max at Annex Theatre (Seattle)
*Dr. Sketchy’s Seattle
*The Jack & Wood Show (co-producer)
*Naked Girls Reading Seattle (co-producer, 2010-2014)
*Live Girls Theatre
*Kitty Nights (NYC)

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