1622799_10152257888158769_462135783_nPolly is available for private bookings for your event!
Birthday party, corporate event, fundraiser, club night, Burlesque show or festival: Whatever your event is, Polly is sure to have an act that fits*. Or she can create something special for your event.
Please contact her for rates and availability.

*List of current available acts:

The Fading Starlet: Polly’s tribute to Hollywood glamour and our youth obsessed culture! Performed at Tease-O-Rama in San Francisco, 2012

F**k The Pain Away: Polly banishes the blues with vigor and the help of Peaches.

Overwhelmed: A sexy, saucy nod to the overworked, undersexed, barefoot housewife.

Burgundy Bliss: A classic act created under the guidance of Miss Indigo Blue! Premiered at Seattle VICE in 2014.

Let Me Roll It: An act full of HAIReography and slow, sensuous movements. And some very unique pasties!

The Fruit Bat: A celebration of queerness and self-hood, told through the story of a very ordinary bat who discovers something special about herself. Performed at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, 2010, and the Vancouver Burlesque Festival, 2011.

The Museum Act: A unique piece of art comes to life when a museum patron disobeys the rules. Performed at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in 2009.

Barbecue Sauce: The very first act Polly created in 2006! A raunchy romp of Americana, to a song by Seattle band “Awesome”.

The Snowsuit: Polly discovers what warms her heart (and other parts!) in the dead of winter!

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra: A love-letter to a Hollywood icon.

Vertigo: Polly performs at Kim Novak performing as Judy performing at Madeleine. Feeling dizzy yet??

Pandora’s Box: When Polly opens a box she shouldn’t, dark and dirty things can be expected!

Sleeping Beauty: A humorous retelling of a beloved Disney tale, complete with a glamorous costume by J. Von Stratton! *NOT CURRENTLY IN ROTATION DUE TO A MISSING PROP*

2 thoughts on “Book her!

  1. Robin Roskind says:

    Hello Miss Polly Wood,

    I was referred to you by Sandra and Naomi. I am having a 50th birthday party in May and thought it would be a cool idea to have a burlesque show (as I’m a big fan) .
    I’m renting Kenyon Hall in West Seattle which has a really great stage and lighting. The party will be small (30-40 people).
    I was thinking 2-3 performers would be great for a show.

    Do you do this type of thing? And if so would you be interested?

    Thanks so much for your time.


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