Where can you see Polly this Spring?

Upcoming performances… SO FAR!!! 😉

*February 17: Sinner Saint Burlesque
*February 19: Pinups and Pasties @ the Rebar
*February 20: Dr. Sketchy Seattle @ West Hall
*February 24: Sinner Saint Burlesque
*February 26: Century Ballroom Anniversary Party
*February 28: Jack & Wood Show
*March 3: Sinner Saint Burlesque
*March 5: Burlesque Behind the Pink Door
*March 7-13: Sinner Saint at the Brickhouse in LONDON!!!
*March 17: Sinner Saint Burlesque
*March 24: Sinner Saint
*March 26: Moisture Festival
*April 1: Burlesque for Breasts at West Hall
*April 2: Moisture Festival
*April 28-30: Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland

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