A beloved fixture on the Seattle Burlesque scene since 2006, Polly Wood now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Check out her ABOUT HER page for more info, check out where to SEE HER, and look at her act offerings to BOOK HER!



Upcoming Performances!

So excited to have a couple more NYC dates, as well as be flying back to Seattle for a few weeks to do some AMAZING SHOWS!!!

*Jan. 18th: Church of Titillation at Times Scare (NY)
*Feb 28th: Burlesque Behind the Pink Door (SEA)
*Mar 6th and 7th: Roadside Attractions at Annex Theatre
*Mar 6th: Spin The Bottle at Annex Theatre (SEA)
*Mar. 11-15: House of Thee UnHoly at The Triple Door (SEA)
*Mar. 19th: The Wiggle Room at The Slipper Room (NYC)

Springtime with Polly!

As usual, I’ve been terribly remiss about posting here… *sigh* I’ve been quiet on the performance front for the last few months, but not longer! My spring is PACKED!

1017048_10151492409626724_1073564200_nHere’s where to catch me in the next few months:

– Jan. 26th: Naked Girls Reading: Naked Girls Feasting (SOLD OUT)
– Feb. 1st: Burlesque Behind the Pink Door
– Feb. 13th – 15th: Nude Nite Orlando (FL)
– Feb. 16th: Match Game at Re Bar
– Feb. 27th: Sinner Saint Burlesque at Brass Tacks
– Mar. 6th-8th: Nude Nite Tampa (FL)
– Mar. 12th – 16th: Houses of Thee UnHoly at The Triple Door
– Mar. 27th – Mar. 29th: SEATTLE VICE at ACT
– April 2: A Vintage Spectacular at The Unicorn

WHEW! Here we go!

Looooooong overdue update!

Well, hello 2013! Last time I posted, I was overseas. So much has happened in the past year, I hardly know where to start. So, I guess I will just start with the Now.

Sinner Saint Burlesque is in full gear, getting ready to open our new run on Thursday Jan. 24th: The Long Kiss Goodnight! I’m excited to be revamping my Elizabeth/Cleopatra act, turning it in to a 10 minute epic, with a new costume by Echo Boudoir.

In February, I am heading down to LA to be a ring girl for Lucha VaVOOM! I am beyond ecstatic to do this. I don’t even know where to begin.

But before I head south, I have a plethora of performance dates, and a couple very special shows. I’m going to try and be better about updating this ol’ website, seeing as how I pay for the domain 😉

Cheers, Loves!